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Nationwide Lifetime Windshield Guarantee Against: Defects, Leakage and Workmanship


Free Windshield Chip Repairs


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In a bid to ensure customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing quality auto glass installation to all our clients in Scottsdale Arizona. We understand that not every fix will be perfect, so we have committed ourselves to ensuring that all your concerns are properly addressed quickly with little or no cost to you. This warranty covers the following; manufacturer’s defects, loose parts and molding, water and air leaks, workmanship and detached mirrors.


Provisions of the Warranty

– Any windshield that has a blemish or distortion due to a manufacturing defect that cannot be rectified will be replaced at no cost to you.

– If any part of your vehicle is damaged or destroyed during the windshield repair or replacement, we will fix the damage or cover replacement and installation costs.

– No air or water will penetrate the seal of the windshield of the vehicle during washing or when it’s rain; we will fix the problem or replace the windshield if the problem cannot be fixed.

– If the black rubber molding around the windscreen becomes loose, we will come to you to fix the problem.

– If the rear view mirror is detached or becomes loose, the problem will be fixed on site.


Windshield Repair Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee that every windshield repair will be effective and long lasting. In case the repair is not effective, we will do windshield replacement with the repair cost used to offset part of the replacement cost. We offer some of the best windshield replacement prices in Scottsdale Arizona and the nation at large.


Chip Repair Warranty

When you get a new windshield for your car from our company, we will offer a lifetime chip repair warranty. Through this warranty, we will repair any damage that occurs when an object strikes the windshield, provided the damage is smaller than the size of a credit card. We will offer free chip repairs for the entire lifetime of the windshield whether it happens a dozen or a million times.