Free Windshield Chip Repairs

WIndshield Chip Repairs in Scottsdale AZ

Free Chip Repairs w/ All New Windshields


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$49.95 Savings per Repair


Purchasing a new windshield with confidence just became easier in the Scottsdale Arizona area. Not only do we provide excellent customer service and installation, we offer FREE windshield chip repair for any newly installed windshield. That’s right, it’s FREE and provided for the lifetime of the glass. This offer applies to any rock incident, even if you plan on filing a claim with your insurance company. We will not charge the insurance agency or you…..we will fix at no charge to anyone.

There are several benefits associated with our lifetime offer. First, this type of repair eliminates the need for a total windshield replacement. This will save you time and money. The original seal of the   windshield will not be broken by our repairs and the structural integrity of the glass is undisturbed. One of the biggest perks is the convenience of the service. Chip repairs can be completed within 30 minutes which gets you back in your vehicle and on the road in no time.

A chip repair is completed by using a specific process that actually removes debris and air from the crack in the glass. A clear resin is then injected to fill the empty space and this resin will harden over time when exposed to natural, ultraviolet light. Strength is restored and everything will return to a safe driving condition. It is true that the actual point of impact may not completely disappear, there will be drastic cosmetic improvement. While no 2 repairs are the same, we are certain that each of our customers will leave extremely satisfied with our work.

Warranties and guarantees can make you feel more protected and secure when making a purchase. The free repair which we provide comes automatically when you buy a new windshield. There’s no extra fee or plan premium; it’s our no strings attached commitment to you as our valued customer.