Auto Glass Services

Windshields of Arizona specializes in more than just windshields. We do repairs on auto glass doors and replace windshields. We pride ourselves in our skilled auto glass specialists and customer service. You’ve come to the right place.  Most repairs and replacements are completely covered by your insurance company and can be completed in under 60 minutes or less. You don’t have to re arrange your day and you can get in and out fast! We can even come to you!! Our auto glass technicians will take the time to explain the repair or replacement process. We don’t cut corners and we don’t throw in “hidden” fees. We know a botched job can be more of a headache down the road and we want to make sure you are comfortable with the repair process.  We explain everything honestly and in simple terms and there are no gimmicks or guesswork when it comes to your car.


Windshield Chip Repair Servicesauto glass specialist performing windshield chip repair

If you’ve heard the commercials for other local area auto-glass repair shops, you know that if you have a tiny fracture in your windshield you shouldn’t wait to get that replaced. All chips and cracks are not the same. What you think may be a small chip can actually spread. The slightest change in temperatures or bump in the road could make that tiny fracture become a spider web. Eventually, it will need to be replaced because its unsafe. The general rule of thumb for repairs is that if the chip or crack is less than 6 inches, it can be repaired, instead of being replaced. That’s why you should not try to repair it yourself and leave it to us! At AZ Auto glass, we can repair almost any new or used make or model for your windshield. We have windshields for any car, truck or sport utility vehicle.  our experts can assess the damage and in most minor cases, get you back on the road in the same day. If your chip is 6 inches or less, we recommend the resin repair. We penetrate both layers of glass to seal the chip perfectly so it doesn’t spread. We will use sun-light resin and inject your windshield in under 30 minutes or less to ensure your repair is safe, waterproof and weather proof so you don’t have to worry about another crack! If need be, we will completely replace your windshield according to the specs of your vehicle to ensure the perfect fit.


Glazier with application gun applying adhesive for windshield replacementWindshield Replacement

We can repair the layers of glass your windshield is made up of it there is a chip or crack. If you notice your chip or crack start to spread, we recommend that you get it replaced as soon as humanly possible. It is a safety hazard and a ticking time bomb. You never know when the slightest stress or smallest bump in the road can break the entire windshield. We have windshields custom to nearly every used and new model truck, car and SUV. It may need to be replaced if the chip is deeper than a surface scratch, if the crack is more than 6 inches long, if its spread in different directions (“spider web” fracture) or if its wider than a 50 cent piece. You can depend on our reliable and expert technicians to be able to assess the damage and suggest what’s best for your windshield. We offer same-day service on most windshield replacement services.  We also offer privacy film (or window tinting) replacement and have windshields for almost every make and model of new and used vehicles.


Auto Glass Door ReplacementAuto Glass Door Replacement in Scottsdale Arizona

If you’ve been in an accident, or have had a break in your auto glass door due to negligence or a neighborhood baseball game gone wrong, we not only specialize in windshield repair and replacement, we specialize in auto door glass replacement services as well. With newer automatic doors and windows, you could run into more problems than just a chip in the glass. Newer model cars come with a lot of power options and wiring. You could have a short in wiring or a “frozen” motor. Most auto glass doors can be replaced without replacing any of these options and costing you for unnecessary repairs. In most cases, we can fix the motors in your power windows without re-wiring or destroying your car’s motherboard. Auto glass doors are made from a different type of glass than windshields and we are equipped to handle them all. We can replace your window’s privacy film (or window tint) as well.

When you bring your car into Scottsdale AZ auto glass we will: Assess the damage and recommend a repair or replacement Explain our analysis and give you your options Repair your vehicle in the same day. Most minor glass repairs can be repaired in under 30 minutes! We know that a botched repair can cause leaks or more damage down the road. We do not take repairs lightly and quality is our number one priority when it comes to your vehicle.  In some cases, we can even come to you if you feel your windshield or auto glass door may threaten you or your family’s safety while driving.

If you are insured, most repairs are covered! You may be worried that you’d have to pay expensive out of pocket costs. You pay nothing and your insurance pays us the full cost of your repairs and even replacements!